Scholarships for Local High School Seniors

Each year the American Legion Auxiliary Kirby Stewart Unit 24 provides $1,000 scholarships to local students graduating from a high school in our area:   
         *   Bayshore High School
         *   Bradenton Christian School
         *   Manatee High School
The scholarship money may be used for undergraduate studies or training in a certified trade or technical program.  Monies are directly dispersed to the school an awardee is planning to attend and that school must be in the State of Florida.

Applicants are selected according to academic record and need.  Special consideration is given to students involved in school and/or community service supporting Americanism, National Security, Veteran Affairs & Rehabilitation, and/or other Children and Youth.  Further judging criteria is associated with character, initiative/goals, and financial needs.

Preference is given to students that are members of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 24 and/or family members of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 24 members, however membership is not required to apply or this  Application deadline is March 15th.  The Education Committee will select scholarships recipients by mid April..

The application can be found at :  American Legion Auxiliary Kirby Stewart Unit 24 Scholarship Application.  For additional questions, contact the committee at [email protected]

Recognize at the national level, The American Legion Auxiliary has several scholarships at  Also The American Legion has scholarships at  Check out the eligibility requirements, deadlines, and application forms as these offer great opportunities to support your education needs.